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Sun Bicycles EZ-1 SX
$799.95 $849.99 6% Off
Sun's EZ-1 SX is pure bliss to pedal thanks to its stable wheelbase, vibration-damping steel frame, superb seat and glorious riding position. It's the ideal machine for everything from cruising around town to exploring backcountry roads. Plus, this sleek sled sports a super-smooth 24-speed SRAM/Shimano drivetrain that allows you to tackle any terrain. And, it has linear-pull brakes for top-notch stopping power, too.
Sun Bicycles E1-SX
$899.95 $1,239.99 27% Off
Sun's E1-SX Ergonomic Recumbent is great for people looking for low-impact health and fitness routines. The E1-SX features a BackSafer True-Comfort seat that was designed in conjunction with the world-renowned Logan College of Chiropractic Ergonomics Institute. The seat configuration and pedal angle position you with proper spinal alignment for optimal comfort and maximum leg power. The specs were chosen for their ease of use, flawless function and durability. You've got a Shimano/SRAM drivetrain, speedy aluminum wheels and powerful brakes, all attached to a tough steel frame. Ride further and faster than you thought possible.
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